Ke Kontan

Ke Kontan

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 3

Last night was my first scary experience.  Not only did we have double the cockroaches from the night before but we had people surrounding the orphanage.  Jean kept telling us to be quiet because he didn't want them to know we are here.  There were a group of Haitians outside of our bedroom window.  Our window is not covered, it only has a curtain hanging from it.  Therefore, if they wish, they could stick any object through our window or watch what we are doing.  We heard banging on the front gate and it sounded like they may have hoped over the gate because we could here footsteps in front of our door.  Luckily our room has a metal gate across the door and a very heavy duty lock that Jean locks every night around 9pm.  The streets are crazy in PAP, there are people yelling and playing music until probably midnight.
We also found out that cockroaches can fly.
This morning I awoke to laughter and the voices of the children and of course the hot humid weather.  I do not think I could ask for a better way to be woken up.  I love being surrounded by all the noise, bright colours, and the children.  Jean has set up internet for my laptop.  The internet connection is not very strong but at least I can still use it ! The government only allows the Haitian people to have ten hours of electricity a day so we are never too sure when it will be on or not.  Yesterday we bought wiring and light fixtures so Josh and Jean could put up some lights around the orphanage.
I am getting bug bites like crazy.  Not only do we have cockroaches but we also have a colony of ants.
We took our first bucket shower today (other than when we showered in the rain).  All three of us girls were crowded into one small shower.  We used a bucket full of freezing cold water.  It was very refreshing.  Josh, Jean, & I went into town today to pick up money from Western Union which my Mom had transferred to me.  We used the money to buy food for the children and to buy supplies.  It is very hot out today and we walked pretty far. We saw UN soldiers walking in the streets with huge guns. We bought a lot of food and some diapers for the baby.  We took a bus back home and drove through many streets which have been destroyed by the earthquake.  I am amazed to see how people live like this everyday.  Most people in the streets are very kind.  If you smile at them, this will usually smile back and say Bonjuour.   I came back to the orphanage and played with the children.  One young girl, about 5 or 6, was sitting alone and had the saddest look in her eyes.  Jean had told me yesterday that her parents were killed in the earthquake.  I picked her up and right away she hugged me and put her head on my shoulder. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she was sad.  I sat with her for ten minutes and tried to get her to play but she wouldn't.  I brought her back into my room and gave her some crayons and paper.  She would not colour.  I gave her toys and bubbles but she still did not want to play.  She sat there without moving or speaking.  Just stared at the ground.  I offered her some candy & water.. she took the candy and drank the water but she did not eat the candy, just held it in her hand.  I laid her on my bed to see if she wanted to take a nap but she still would not move or speak.  I feel horrible..She is so traumatized from the earthquake and her parents death.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Yesterday she was full of laughter but today she seems as if she is the saddest child in the world.  We had our best meal yet.  We had chicken, white rice, and potatoes.  It was so good !!!! We just finished putting up screens up on the windows so hopefully no cockroaches will come in our room tonight.  Yvenson, who is about two years old, is sick.  He cries and screams in pain when he tries to go to the bathroom.  Seems like most of the children here are sick; whether it is respiratory infection, stomach problems or malnourishment.  It is starting to get windy, most likely going to rain tonight but the breeze feels great after a long hot day !
I am still sick, hoping it goes away soon.  I am looking forward to my mom & Phil Kember coming down to visit.
Jean pulled me aside today and told me that one of his housewives (the cook) wants to quit.  She did not want to do her work and she could not handle the children so he asked if he could use some of the money I gave him to give her last pay.  I feel so bad for Jean and his wife. She prepared our meal tonight which we will be eating tomorrow, which was chicken.  I helped her mash up Garlic & Celery.
So far tonight we have not had any cockroaches.. looks like the screens have worked !
I think I am a little sun burnt tonight ! My knees and arms are the worst.
It just started pouring outside.  We were waiting for rain all day and it finally comes once we are already inside and ready for bed. 
Good night everyone ! xoxo

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