Ke Kontan

Ke Kontan

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou

(Many hands make the load lighter)

I was brought into a world that I don't quite understand,
Corruption, devastation, there's not many willing to lend a hand.
I close my eyes but the images remain,
The things that I have witnessed stay vivid in my brain.

I hear their screams for help and see the look deep in their eyes,
As they reach for my hand, and thousands continue to die.
As I wake from these dreams I feel an ache in my heart,
Not being able to help them is tearing me apart.

Being home I feel useless and without a need,
I long to be back in Haiti once again fulfilling my dreams.
I miss the crowded streets and the children yelling Blanc as I walk by,
And when I think about my orphans I cannot help but cry.

When people ask about Haiti, It is hard for me to explain...
For what I have seen, you won't understand, I don't mean to sound vain.
You must walk in my shoes and feel what I have felt,
You must witness for yourself the cards that the Haitians have been dealt.

For what you will see will cause your own heart despair,
But it is life, it is reality, and it is far from being fair.
So many are still living beneath the tattered tents,
Without food, without water, and with waste as their scent.

You may witness death and suffering like you have never seen,
You will shake your head and hope that this is only a bad dream.
You will see kids bathing in water, which is contaminated with feces,
And the things they are eating, you may not know the species.

You may witness abuse, starvation, rape and neglect,
And Government officials treating their citizens with no dignity or respect.
Many have been sent there to help, but only cause harm.
They abuse their powers and they need to be disarmed.

Although you may witness a great deal of tragedy and evil,
I can also assure you that you will be humbled by the Haitian people.
You will see hands lifted and many grateful hearts,
They will show you the light if you are ever lost in the dark. 

They may have nothing, but they can offer you a lot
Appreciation and life lessons that one ought to be taught.
They will give you more love than you could ever imagine,
The joy and the happiness you feel when you are with them you will not be able to fathom.

So next time you criticize me or ask why it is Haiti I chose,
Look back and read the words that I just shared with you.
For I know of the dangers and the many consequences,
But I will continue to fight for what I believe even if I must serve the life sentence.

Some tell me that a change I will never make,
But how will I know if it is a chance that I do not decide to take?
For one small hand can contribute to great transformation,
If we all join in we could create a reformation.

From its beautiful beaches and it's tall mountain tops,
The love I have for this country will continue to grow and I know that it will never stop.
So if you find the courage and decide to see for yourself,
Don't be afraid to walk the Haitian roads for you will be of great help.

Many will dismiss you and try to stray you from this choice,
But the only thing you can do is listen to your heart and your inner voice.
Trust me as I've been there, many times before
And to ignore their opinions can be quite the chore. 

But the Haitian people need you, and this journey you won't regret
The names and faces you see will be forever engraved in your heart and the memories you won't forget.
This experience will change you and challenge your own self,
You will realize that helping others is far more important than having wealth.

To all of my Haitian friends, I miss you and I love you all so dear,
And know that I am with you even If I do not seem so near.
You have changed me for the better and have given me more than I could ever give you,
My heart has been left in Haiti and I will be back to claim it soon.